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                Home > About > Brand Culture

                Brand Concept

                Brand positioning

                The global leader of the commercial vehicle axle and parts manufacturers

                Brand vision:

                To bethe globally creditable world-class enterprise with unique value creativity 

                Brand interpretation

                Globally creditable: Fuwa Group is committed to continuously meet the diversified demandof the customers in all-round respects concerning the product, technology,services and solutions, standing in the perspective of the customer’s point, tocontinuously produce more globally competitive products, enhance the marketcompetitiveness of the customer; To help the users at home and abroad toimprove efficiency, reduce operating costs, to win the trust of the world.

                Uniquevalue creativity: take the advantage of our experience, speed, innovation, qualityand competitive manufacturing mode to produce more high quality products withglobal competitiveness.

                World-class enterprise: Build Fuwa Group to be a world-class enterprise with the perspective of technology,research and development, quality, service, management and  brand influence. 



                Operation Philosophy

                • Customer Focus
                • Openness and Honesty
                • Responsiveness and Agility
                • Quality
                • Simplicity