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                Home > Product Center
                16.8 Tons engineering rear axle

                PSC826 feature (16.8 Tons)
                ? The converging oil seal greatly reduces the leak risk, also prolongs the service life of oil seal.
                ? High strength hypoid gear with better torque transfer ability than spiral bevel gear.
                ? Reinforced ductile cast iron housing, the axle rigidity superior to the stamping and welding housing at the same level.
                ? Large range of speed ratio, with hub reduction, meet customer different requirements.
                ? Carrier is installed with ring gear anti-thrust screw, which prevents the ring gear from getting deformed at high load.
                ? A variety of rim mounting distance, which meets the requirements of customers for more flexibility.
                ? Multiple sets of magnets attached to inside of housing, decreasing the lubricating oil pollution.
                ? Optional differential lock improves the power output distribution of the vehicle in the bad road conditions.
                ? The parking brake device at the carrier input end (option for customer).

                The product is applicable to:Off-road crane, port unmanned carrier, etc.

                Technical Parameters Other

                驻车㊣ 制动器油压=1450-2030PSI,制动力矩=4470N.m;行车制动☉器最大油压=2300PSI,制动力矩=22777N.m